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PowerMaker DC Generators
PowerMaker Diesel DC Generators, by Eniquest, deliver efficient DC 
power from 2.0kW001-019 PowerMaker diesel DC generator through to 8.0kW - and even larger if you want - in 12, 24 or 48V.  Designed to provide clean and reliable DC power, PowerMaker are ideal for battery charging, DC lighting, power for communication, data relay hubs and monitoring systems.
Replacing your AC generator and battery charger with a PowerMaker DC generator reduces your operating costs - saving up to 40% on fuel and consumables, as well as significantly extending your MTBF.  And being DC, you won’t require a ticketed electrician to carry out 
any work on the unit.
Available as an open set or in noise reducing enclosures,  PowerMaker diesel DC Generator
the PowerMaker DC diesel generator can be built to suit your requirements. We can include automatic start with battery sensing, time clock or daylight start for lighting, Ethernet or SNMP control and monitoring, extended fuel tank, extended service intervals, ground fault protection and emergency stop - and these are just a few of the options.  We can even make special voltages.
Extremely quiet and compact, PowerMaker generators combine the highly regarded Yanmar diesel engine with cutting edge Australian technologies to ensure the best possible performance, no matter how harsh the 
environment.  Variable speed technology improves the 
engine’s efficiency, extends its life and  reduces noise      PowerMaker diesel DC Generator
and exhaust emissions.
Compact, rugged, efficient and quiet.  What more could you ask for?  Talk to us about your needs and we’ll build you the perfect generator.
Features include ~
·  2 year 2,000 hour manufacturer warranty
·  Can be run from your main diesel tank
·  Lightweight & compact
·  Low noise
·  Variable engine speed                                         PowerMaker diesel DC Generator
·  Low fuel consumption
·  Long engine life
·  All service points accessible from one side
·  Tailored to your requirements
·  Built tough for the Australian environment
 powermaker diesel dc generator                        

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