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solar hybrid power plant
PowerMaker Solar Hybrid Power Plants

Independent power is now easier than ever with Eniquest's Hybrid Power Plant.   

These fully self-contained power plants guarantee you clean, reliable, low cost power in all weather conditions.  With quick and easy installation, Eniquest Hybrid Power Plants are delivered assembled and commissioned. Simply position, connect and switch on.

Skilfully engineered for performance and durability, these power plants include the Australian produced Eniquest ultra efficient PowerMaker Ranger5.6 DC diesel generator to provide any shortfall or backup power with the least possible fuel consumption. Combine this with Australia’s highest ranked solar panels, Kyocera, 
to provide more charge per day, and Sonnenschein low loss spiral plate storage batteries for the highest cycle life.

The PowerMaker Ranger5.6 diesel generator works smart to maximise your battery life. Set to start automatically, batteries are never discharged to a level that could contribute to premature ageing.

A perfect solution to power your remote area homestead, communications towers, monitoring and relay stations, rail or road signalling, or for any remote area site that requires guaranteed power with the least amount of fuss.

Click this link for more information and to download a brochure, or call Eniquest on 07 5437 8333 to discuss your requirements.

solar hybrid power plant - moore qld
top image: Hybrid Solar Power Plant - The Pilbara WA

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