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With over 100 years experience in the manufacture and development of world class power products, Yanmar is one of the most trusted names in diesel generators.


004-008 Yanmar eG55 Inverter Generator
Model        Dimensions          Weight          Price

eG55              964 x 524 x 785            171kg             $6,896.00

The eG55 is a 2 pole, single phase, silent type 5.1/5.8kVA air cooled diesel generator.  An ultra compact design and light weight make it ideal for power on the move.  

Super silent design and soundproof isolation give quiet operation of 72dB(A) @ 7m.  All service points are accessible from one side and side push bars & wheels make for better portability.

The first diesel inverter generators in its class, the eG-i series offers advanced features and benefits including high quality pure sine-wave electrical output, low noise, low fuel consumption and a lightweight compact design.

                                       Model     Dimensions        Weight       Price
004-006 Yanmar eG100i Diesel Generator
eG100i     1080 x 647 x 686      257kg               

The Yanmar eG100i is a multipole single phase true sine wave inverter 7.0 kVA diesel generator in an acoustic housing to provide super quiet (67.5dB(A) @ 7m) and clean power to your work site or home.

Energy saving operation optimises engine rotation, making this model up to 40% more fuel efficient than previous models.  The pure sine wave electrical output is perfect for sensitive equipment such as computers and TV's as well as inductive loads like pumps.  The eG100i is also the perfect residential standby generator with an optional auto transfer switch for when you face power cuts.


                              Model        Dimensions       Weight        Price
004-007 Yanmar eG140i Diesel Generator
eG140i        1184 x 670 x 770        278kg          $16,113.00

The Yanmar eG140i is a 10.2kVA multipole single phase true sine wave inverter generator, ideal for residential or commercial use.

Compact and highly efficient, the eG140i only uses 4.3ltr of fuel at 100% load.  With the optional ATS, the eG140i can be set up to turn on automatically when your power goes off and stop again when your mains power comes back on.


4-Pole, Three Phase, Silent Type
Water Cooled Diesel Generators

                                    Model     Dimensions       Weight     Price
004-001 Yanmar YH170 3 phase Diesel Generator

 YH170       1475 x 750 x 1110       691kg      $13,965.00

 The Yanmar YH170  4-pole diesel generator delivers
 12.5kVA (prime power rating) of clean reliable power, whether for stand-by use or as prime power for anything from domestic through to commercial use.

With a large capacity fuel tank, the gen-set is self contained and fully bunded.  Extremely efficient, the Yanmar YH170 uses as little as 2.72 litres of fuel per hour (75% load).  

Whether out in the open, in a built up area or contained in a building, the Yanmar YH170 is the ultimate silent type generator (59dBA @ 7m).

 Model Output Dimensions  Weight 

 2100 x 975 x 1325    

 YH28020.2kVA 885kg
 YH44033.4kVA 950kg
 YH55041.3kVA 960kg
004-002/005 Yanmar yh series 4 pole diesel generator


The Yanmar YH range diesel generators deliver clean reliable power, whether for stand-by use or as prime power for anything from domestic through to commercial use.

With a large capacity fuel tank, the gen-set is self contained and fully bunded. 
Extremely efficient, at 75% load, the Yanmar YH range uses as little as 3.55 litres of fuel per hour.  

Hosed in a sound attenuated enclosure, the Yanmar YH range is extremely quiet (57dBA @ 7m), all while delivering plenty of power.

For detailed information on the Yanmar YH range go here.

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